Tips for Cooking Vegetables in Microwave Oven


You can prepare just about any vegetable - fresh, frozen, or canned in the microwave. Vegetables cooked in the microwave retain all of their bright colour, fresh taste and nutritional value if cooked with a minimum amount of water.

For even cooking, cut the vegetables into roughly the same-size pieces. Stir or rotate a 1/2 turn halfway through cooking. Loosely cover food so that steam can escape, use wax paper, microwavable wrap, or the cooking container's lid.

Use a fork to pierce whole, unpeeled vegetables like potatoes to keep them from bursting while cooking.
Frozen Vegetables

Place in a bowl, cover and cook for the given time. Season with salt after cooking if desired. Salt can cause localised ionic heating that reduces the microwave penetration depth and this can dehydrate and toughen some foods.


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