How to Microwave Food Safely

How to Microwave Food Safely By eHow Home & Garden Editor

Microwaving is a quick way to cook delicious food in a matter of minutes. Even though there is no flame involved, you should practice these safety measures while microwaving.


Step 1:Place meat in the microwave immediately after defrosting. The longer that the meat sits out, the more likely it will have bacteria present.

Step 2:Use only microwave safe dishes. You should not use any dishes that will become damaged in the microwave or become too hot during heating. Most glass and ceramic items are safe to use.

Step 3:Heat the food evenly. To do this, rotate the food several times during cooking. Certain food items, such as baby formula should not be heated in the microwave since uneven heating can result in scalding.

Step 4:Test the food's temperature. Use a meat thermometer to ensure that food has been cooked thoroughly.

Step 5:Take out any bones in any meat that you microwave. Bones can prevent the meat from cooking properly.

Step 6:Poke holes in certain food items. Foods, such as hot dogs and potatoes, will explode in the microwave if you do not poke holes for ventilation.

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